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Mass Media and Disability

IDEAS for a New Millennium project, World Institute on Disability
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Mass Media and Disability is an overview of research and advocacy projects internationally to improve the image and expand the presence of people with disabilities in the mass media.

The report includes an analytical overview of improvements in disability portrayal on television, films, public education programs and schools-based awareness projects; an overview of research on disability imagery; and in-depth reports on approaches in Australia, Germany, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, the UK and the U.S.

Also featured is a summary of workshops featuring disability and mass media experts, held in Moscow in 2002 in association with Russia's first international disability film festival. The film festival was supported by Rehabilitation International (RI) and WID through the IDEAS for the New Millennium project. Recommended websites and books are also included in the final report. This report has been issued by RI as one of the products of the IDEAS.